Essential Set-up for DIY Projects

Our ramps were made for the DIY person. Whether it’s routine maintenance including changing your fluids or general under body inspection to completing a full detail on your car, there’s no doubt that getting some inches of clearance really helps! If you’re working on mid-body to the top of your car, including in the engine compartment, then you’ll appreciate not having to put strain on your back. If you’re working on the bottom half of your car to right under it, then you’re REALLY going to like getting at least an extra eight inches and up to 14-inches (depending on the set of ramps you are using) of lift and clearance.

Essential Set-up Component #1: Car Service Ramps

A set of our car service ramps allows you to work on both the front of your car as well as the rear. If you don’t need the car to be lifted and level, then all you’ll need is one set of car service ramps. From our 30-inch Rally Ramps to our popular 67-inch XT ramps, we provide ramp solutions for the broadest spectrum of cars – even the low, low, low cars.

One thing to consider is if you want a ramp that is available as a 2-piece. The advantage of this? More side body access.  However, our one-piece ramps are just as popular and it’s a matter of preference and practicality.

Essential Set-up Component #2: Organization

Have you ever been in the middle of a tool organization catastrophe? Better yet – have you removed several nuts and bolts and they are all rolling around on the ground and getting lost? As DIY-ers ourselves, we know and feel the frustration.

Last year, we added a Magna component to two of our ramps which allows you to attach magnetic trays and organizers to the ramp. If this feature interests you, it’s available in our HD 67-inch 2-piece Magna Service Ramps and our Restyler Magna Ramps for a full vehicle lift.

Essential Set-up Component #3: Safety

Since our ramps are 100% solid, they’re super safe. Our ramps won’t collapse on you so you can feel confident when you’re working underneath the car. We have clear product instructions as well to ensure that you are kept safe.

Chock it up! You know you should do this. We always suggest using our all-rubber, extra grip Wheel Chocks when using our ramps.

Now, we’ve seen a lot of sweat equity go into some pretty creative ramp solutions for cars, but take it from us, our ramps are proven – stay safe and invest in your safety.

Essential Set-up Component #4: Feel Good Comfort

Now that your car is safely up in the air, rolling around under it isn’t going to be comfortable without some support. While there are a lot of mats out there, we have one of the most comfortable mats around – our Racer Mat.  It’s well padded and made with polypropylene fibers that won’t retain water, that means no mold or mildew. It’s 6-feet long by 2-feet wide, plenty of surface area to cushion your back and joints. If you don’t feel it now, trust us, you’re going to sooner or later.