American Force Wheels Custom Ramps Display

Custom Ramps Request

When it comes to large projects, American Force Wheels approached us before the SEMA Show to see if we could come up with a way to “lighten their load”. Most companies go all out for the SEMA Show. It’s the one big display of the year that needs to showcase the best of them. With that, Nick Chin of American Force Wheels had a design concept for both their indoor and outdoor booths.

The first custom ramps display request had one of their custom trucks completely parked on a fully elevated platform in their indoor South Hall booth. The goal was to design and manufacture a set of custom ramps that would highlight their truck on a platform. Second, a custom set of incline ramps would be designed so the truck could drive up and onto the platform. On top of that, the display needed a design that would enable an easy transport between shows.

For their outdoor booth, the second custom ramps request was a  modified version of our Articulation Ramp. Our Articulation Ramps are designed with a steady incline up to the very tip of the top piece. Nick requested a more leveled-off top piece instead. The outdoor booth had over eight trucks and Jeeps on display. As a wheel company, American Force Wheels wanted to ensure that you would be noticing their special products.

The Solution

Displays made of metal and other traditional forms of construction prove to be too heavy and an arduous task for set-up teams. The customized solution we’d come up with ensured that the set-up team would be feeling a lot better in carrying the lighter weight pieces.

Coated in dual colors of red and black, our platform was a coordinated match to the display truck. With bridge pieces that interlocked to provide sturdiness and stability, the truck was well supported.

The total display platform ended up at 22-feet long by 9-feet across and 30-inches in height.

For the outdoor booth, we created a modified Articulation Ramp that still used a three piece set-up. The tallest piece could be used on its own, while the first two interlocking incline pieces assisted in the truck’s ascent and descent.

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