Raging Bird is Featured at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

Dodge Exhibit at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

We’ve known Jason Bair for quite some time, but his beautiful custom cars never cease to impress us. His latest project, the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner – named the Raging Bird – made its debut at the last SEMA Show and has continued to embark on a journey to other prestigious shows such as the current Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Collector Car Auction.

At the Dodge booth at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach, the Raging Bird is its centerpiece. When Bair received confirmation from Dodge, he knew that getting some Race Ramps under the car would be the best way to showcase it from all angles.

Goal number one – elevation. Jason thought that Wheel Cribs would give the Raging Bird an even and elevated lift that would grab attention. To get the tires onto Wheel Cribs, it does require jack assistance. Most use these for show displays without issue and if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Once elevated, Jason wanted to showcase the underside with Show Mirrors. We have two Show Mirror options – with or without lighting. The Show Mirror without lighting is 48-inches long by 20-inches wide. The Lighted Show Mirror is 56-inches long by 22-inches wide. The lighted mirror is equipped with battery operated LED lights which provide a vibrant white illumination under the vehicle. Going from show to show can be tough on a fragile item like a mirror. What we’ve done to make this easier for travel is to equip the mirror with a specially designed travel cover that fits securely over the mirror.

The Bird is Really Raging

With a custom Sherwin-Williams purple color, the Raging Bird is undoubtedly a standout car. We wanted to also showcase the great work that Jason does from concept to reality. This “animal” pushes over 850-horsepower with its 426 Gen III Supercharged Hemi.