How to Find the Right Trailer Ramps

You’ll currently find 12 different Trailer Ramps products offered in our standard line-up, but sometimes your car’s clearance and the angle of your trailer can create a situation that is anything but standard. Before we go there, let’s first determine if we do have ramps that will resolve your loading needs.

On our Trailer Ramps page, we have a Ramp Calculator, a systematic approach that takes your inputted numbers and yields only the ramps that will work given the information. What kind of numbers you ask? Here’s a step-by-step approach:

Step 1: Your Trailer

a. Both enclosed and open trailers work with our Trailer Ramps. If your stock trailer ramps have an additional fold down ramp/flap, you can fold it up, remove it, or purchase a ramp that has a flap cut-out built into the ramp. You will select if you have a flap on the end of your trailer door.

b. We will ask you for three measurements associated with your trailer – Door Length, Door Ground Height, and Door Thickness.

Step 2: Your Car

a. The Yardstick Test – To determine the best angle of approach for your vehicle, we have devised the “yardstick test”. If you do not have a yardstick, carefully measure out 36″ with a tape measure or other straight, rigid object. You may need two sets of hands to get an accurate measurement.

b. You’ll place a yardstick/tape measure at the base of your front wheel. Raise the yardstick or tape measure until it hits the underside of your car (the spoiler). Measure vertically from the ground to the end of the yardstick or 36″ point on the tape measure. You’ll input this number into the box.

Our site will then only highlight the Trailer Ramps that will provide the correct angle for your car to successfully load into or onto your trailer.

What if the system says no Trailer Ramps will work?

Ahhhh yes! This indeed happens and we’ve drawn up and manufactured many custom ramps over the years. This process involves providing us your measurements and our engineer will draw up the solution. From there, we’ll confirm the design with you before proceeding. It’s as easy as that! Contact us today if you need a custom ramp solution.