Spotlight: Bair Customs

 About Bair Customs

  It’s no secret that custom-built cars are amazing; Bair Customs takes their projects to another level.

  “I’ve always been a car guy,” says Jason Bair, owner of Bair Customs. He developed  his love of muscle cars, working on them with his uncles as a young boy. As a teenager, Bair learned the basics of automotive mechanical and body work. He worked on his first two cars, the 1970 Plymouth Satellite and Plymouth GTX.  “I learned a lot from my uncles… they both took me under their wing and shared a ton of information and showed me many automotive skills.”

  While Bair loved working on cars and attending car shows, he never imagined he would have his own car-related company. Bair worked in a variety of jobs, from payphones to vending jukeboxes to real-estate. Bair even worked as a rock drummer for multiple bands including Saphhire Rose, Little Green Men and Plow, supporting national acts like Night Ranger and Motley Crue. 

  However, Bair’s love of muscle cars led Bair to begin building cars in 2004. He began by flipping cars with a friend. Then, in 2009, Bair created an official company. His highest priority became cars. Bair’s Indiana location proved perfect for building the business… and test driving the fresh-built vehicles on newly-paved roads!

  “I was doing anything and everything to build the company.” One of the definitive custom builds for Bair Customs became his first pro-touring car: The 1969 Plymouth Hemi Roadrunner “Big Hemi Runner.” Bair says the experience of building the 1969 Roadrunner “changed everything about my business model.”  

Jason Bair (left) and David Kidd (right) with the 1970 Big Hemi 'Cuda' "BarryCuda" displayed at SEMA in 2014

1969 Plymouth Hemi Roadrunner Pro Touring -- Bair Customs

Display of Custom-Built Cars

  Bair decided to seek the best display aspects available for the Roadrunner and custom-built cars to follow. “I wanted to take the company to another level,” says Bair. David Safran at Sherwin-Williams taught Bair and the company to paint better than ever before, This resulted in the amazing body and paint job on the Roadrunner. With the help of David Kidd and many others at the company, he has maintained a great partnership with Sherwin-Williams. Bair attended multiple shows with his beautiful custom vehicles.

  He also shows his work more effectively by using Race Ramps. Bair describes our products as “a big part of the turning point of [his] company.” When he first received his Race Ramps products, they were so light he wondered if they would work. Seeing them in action, Bair realized they are “one of the coolest products out there for display.” Now he always uses Race Ramps, from Wheel Cribs to Portable Pit Stops for displaying his amazing builds!

  Unveiling a vehicle for the first time is a critical moment. Cars are a part of major moments in the lives of many people. Bair ensures his custom-built cars are testaments of his craftsmanship. The secret for his company has been to get surrounded by good people and organizations that will bring a dream to life.

"Do the right thing and people will remember you."
Jason Bair
Bair Customs

Be sure to look for Jason Bair at SEMA 2018 where he will be displaying the amazing 1968 Dodge Hemi Charger “Liquid Shadow” with Presta Products!

Bair Customs' 1969 Plymouth Hemi Roadrunner Pro Touring displayed on Portable Pit Stop Ramps