8" Wheel Cribs

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  • Safe, lightweight wheel cradles
  • 8” of lift
  • Unobstructed access underneath car
  • Split design available
  • Requires use of jack for placement
  • Set of two

Does your jack stand leave you feeling a little nervous as you wrench around under your car? Is the space too tight for comfort? Our 8” Wheel Cribs are a safer, stabler alternative to jack stands—and, given their placement beneath the tires, they give you greater maneuverability underneath the car than is possible with any jack stand.

8” Wheel Cribs give you an additional 8” of access under your car. Using them in conjunction with 56” Race Ramps allows your car to be level while raised. (While these are sold as a set of two, another option to achieve a level raised car is, of course, to use four cribs.)

Wheel Cribs are great for fluid changes, general maintenance, and detailing. Each crib can hold up to 1,500 lbs., for a total vehicle weight capacity of 6,000 lbs.

Adjustable Wheel Cribs are a two-piece version of the standard Wheel Crib set. Each crib comes as a stacked assembly of two interlocking pieces of equal height. Their design allows the vehicle to be lifted incrementally. Sold as a set of two, they can be used as two 8” cribs or four 4” cribs.

These multi-purpose Wheel Cribs also can be used for an impressive car display (especially in conjunction with our Show Mirrors) and are available in custom sizes. For greater lift, see our 10” and 12” Wheel Cribs.

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WEIGHT10 lbs. for two
WEIGHT CAPACITY1,500 lbs. per crib
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HEIGHT8" (4"+4" stacked)
MULTI PIECE4" + 4" stacked

Dimensions: 15”L x 12”W x 8”H (9.25” at cradle edge)
Crib weight capacity: 1,500 lbs. per crib
Total vehicle weight capacity: 6,000 lbs.
Tire diameter: 24” to 30”
Product weight: 5 lbs. per crib
Sold as: one-piece design (RR-WC-8) or two-piece design (RR-WC-8-2)
Shipping: weight of 10 lbs., box size of 21.5”L x 16.5”W x 12.5”H

• Using 8” Wheel Cribs in conjunction with 56” Race Ramps (RR-56 or RR-56-2) allows your car to be level while raised.
• Requires a jack to lift the vehicle onto the wheel crib.
• Use for fluid changes (including oil and transmission), general maintenance, and detailing.
• 100% solid, made with a high-density expanded polystyrene that is coated with a hybrid polyurea.
• Lightweight, yet strong and durable.
• Will not rust or transfer heat or cold.
• No-skid, no-scuff material protects your garage flooring and trunk from damage.
• Sold as a set of two.
• When buying directly from this site, they come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
• Proudly made in the USA!

• Use on a level, flat surface.
• Ensure that the bottom of each crib makes full contact with a solid surface.

4 reviews for 8″ Wheel Cribs

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    These are great for putting my car up onto for winter time and it allows me room to slide underneath to do any necessary maintenance/work. Lightweight and easy to handle but sturdy. Great product !!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have a Lotus Elise which is notorious for being difficult to put in the air safely. While these cribs are pricey for being foam blocks, they are worth it for safety and ease of use. The 8″ blocks under the rear tires work perfectly in conjunction with ESCO flat top jack stands up front.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    These are great, adjustable to be used as flatstoppers for all 4 tires.
    Great that they are super stable for when I need to get under the car for oil changes.
    Gave it 4/5 stars cuz it’s way too pricey to get a 5/5 stars.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    These 8″ blocks give plenty of room. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the taller ones, but these turned out
    to be more than fine. Removing a trans. oil pan, I had enough space to move freely around to get
    all of the bolts without the bottom of the car being right in my face. I’ll thank people who
    recommended adding pieces of wood on the jack to increase the height. My floor jack goes just
    under 20″, and I found that adding the wood and jacking from the “tire change” points got it just
    high enough to slip these under. Also, if you can get a second jack, go ahead and jack up the
    vehicle, then place the second jack under a control arm to compress (carefully) the spring/strut
    enough to slide these under the tire. I found that this method does depend on how the control
    arm is shaped, however.

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