Slip Plate/Wheel Stands

$287.00 - $403.00
  • Portable wheel alignment stands
  • Handy carrying strap
  • Durable and convenient
  • 100% solid core

Product Description

Slip Plate Stands and Wheel Stands were created as a replacement for heavy metal wheel alignment stands or Monkey Grease Plate Stands. The concept is clear: The Slip Plate Stand is used usually with a 2 or 4 post lift system. The vehicle is raised on the lift and the Slip Plate Stands are positioned under each tire with a turntable on top of each stand. Then the vehicle is lowered onto the stands, ready for alignment. Typically alignment turntables are used atop most alignment stands.

The Slip Plate Stand base is 18″ by 23″ and the Wheel Stand is 18″ by 18.” Both are 100% solid and extremely stable. They are designed to last through many years of commercial use. The beauty is that you can also use them for other applications, such as display at a car show. They will not scratch even an epoxy coated garage floor and they do not budge. Sold as a set of two Slip Plate Stands or two Wheel Stands.

Race Ramps Wheel Stands and  Slip Plate Stands were created when we were approached by Lesley Cooke, president of Tru-Line Laser Alignment. She contacted us requesting a custom slip plate stand that needed to be lightweight, portable, and able to work with their portable alignment system to up-fit new cars. We worked with Lesley and turned this custom design around in 30 days from concept to shipping it out the door.

Additional Information


23.75″, 18″


18″, 16″


16″, 14″ Lift, 14″


17.75″ Slip Plates


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